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Q: Do you guys deliver Monday to Sunday?
A: Tingkat Services: 3pm - 7pm (Mon-Fri) ----- Frozen Cooked Food: 10am - 7pm (Daily) ----- Buffet: 9am - 7pm (Daily)

Q: Can you deliver the items to my house for free? 
A: Tingkat Services: FREE ----- Frozen Cooked Food: FREE for orders above $48 ----- Buffet: FREE for orders above $300

Q: When is the earliest that you can deliver? 
A: All orders have to be placed 2 days in advance (otherwise stated). For last minute orders (within 24hrs), you may wish to contact us directly via our telephone at 6759 5300/6758 5300 or whatsapp 9643 5300

Q: Are all your Frozen Cooked Food handmade?  
A: Almost 90% of all our products are 100% handmade from our experienced team of kitchen crew and R&D team so as to offer you the best we can give!

Q: How much is the minimum order?
A: Tingkat/Bento Services: $20 ----- Frozen Cooked Food: $20 ---- Buffet: -NIL-

Q: How long does it take for order confirmation? 
A: The order confirmation will be sent to your email shortly after your order has been placed.

Q: Do you have a phone number or email that I can contact you at? 
A: Yes, we do. You may drop us an email at sales@hockhoeheng.com. For urgent matters, you may reach us at 6759 5300/6758 5300 or WhatsApp 9643 5300 for convenience

Q: Can I make any changes to my order after confirmation? 
A: Changes are unable to be made to the order as every order is automatically captured by the system. Nonetheless, you may wish to contact us and we will try our best to satisfy your request.

Q: I have received an incorrect item. What can be done? 
A: Please inform our staff immediately if and we will make the necessary changes for your order. Otherwise, please drop us an email at sales@hockhoeheng.com, call 6759 5300/6758 5300 or WhatsApp 9643 5300